Internet Visitation at No Cost

The search is over…

Ten years ago, Renovo Software revolutionized video visitation with the introduction of VisManager, our complete visitation management system for the corrections industry. We are set to make history again with the introduction of VisManager Zero—the most efficient and cost-effective way of delivering at home video visitations AND managing face-to-face visitations the industry has ever seen.

What is VisManager Zero?

VisManager Zero is the most advanced internet visitation system on the market, at NO COST.

VisManager Zero empowers correctional facilities to offer video visits over the internet through a patented visitation management platform. This platform allows correctional facilities and their staff to control every aspect of their internet and traditional visitation environments. Now you can manage, schedule, and automate your entire visitation environment with a single, easy-to-use system.

VisManager Zero was designed for safety, security, and predictability. It can be as automated as you desire. YOU determine how you want your visitation environment to operate.

The math is simple…

Software + Hardware = $0

How is it different than other “for free” systems?

Simply put, we don’t ignore those other visits—you know, the ones that take up all your time and resources—otherwise known as onsite face-to-face visits.

VisManager Zero is different because it’s not just an internet video visitation system—it is a complete visitation management system. Visitors won’t have to go to one website to have an internet video visit then go to another page to learn about how they can have a face-to-face visit. VisManager Zero is the one, single piece of software that manages ALL your visitation needs.

Only VisManager Zero offers
all of these features in ONE SOLUTION

Here is what you get

  • Software to manage your face-to-face & internet video visitation environment
  • No staff involvement required to set up visits — NONE
  • Live monitoring of all visitations
  • Stop, suspend, restart, extend and reassign stations on the fly
  • Visitor image capture capabilities
  • Full recording and monitoring
  • Encrypted visitations for professional visitors
  • Complete (and we mean complete) inmate restriction management
  • Visitation reports and recording for investigators
  • Investigator notifications
  • Easy to use visitor interface —NO software to download
  • Special event management (court, holidays, dorm closures, etc.)
  • Android, iPhone and iPad capable (available June 1st)
  • Advanced approved visitation management for specific inmates
  • Online visitor PC testing tools and tutorials
  • Revenue producing from day one

VisManager Zero Enclosures

  • 14 gauge steel vandal, rust and liquid proof enclosure
  • Cisco, polycom, and flash compatible video conferencing device
  • Corrections grade handset
  • 17″ monitor
  • HD webcam

VisManager Zero is
Packed with Benefits

Detention Facility Benefits

  • Efficiency. Streamline visitation policies and procedures with complete reporting and scheduling capabilities.
  • Money. VisManager Zero helps you generate additional revenue for the facility.
  • Increased Security. Inmates stay where they belong, and investigators get a new discovery tool.
  • Did We Mention Zero yet? Because, you know, we could mention it again.
  • Reduced Recidivism. More visits = shorter and fewer stays at the Lockup Motel.
  • Make taxpayers happy! The facility will have the pleasure of telling the local press, “The hardware and software was provided at no charge to the facility and the system will generate revenue.” Eat your hearts out, online commentators.

Family and Community Benefits

  • Simplicity. It is as simple as setting up a haircut appointment.
  • Automatic Notifications. Visitors receive automatic email and phone notifications when a visit is canceled.
  • No Travel Necessary. Family and friends will no longer have to travel to the facility and wait in line to visit the inmate. That means less cars on the road.
  • Comfort. Visits can take place from the comfort of the home, and children can see incarcerated parents without having to enter the facility.
  • Accessibility. Inmates can speak with their loved ones who aren’t physically able to make it to the jail.
  • Inter-generational Bonding. Kids get to teach their parents how to use the “Skype thingy” to visit Uncle Charlie in prison.
  • Eyes Don’t Lie. Wives get to see if the inmate is really paying attention to what they are saying.
  • The Look. Parents can still say, “Look me in the eyes when I’m talking to you.”
  • Family and friends can visit at different points throughout the day.

VisManager Zero
doesn’t want your money

What Renovo Provides*

  • Zero cost for internet video visitation stations
  • Zero cost for management software
  • Zero cost for recording storage
  • Zero cost for training staff
  • Zero cost for monitoring tools
  • Zero cost for promotional material
  • Zero onsite servers required

What You Provide

  • Power and network to stations
  • Station hanging
  • Internet connection

Why Zero?

Renovo and you, the facility, enter into a revenue sharing agreement—similar to your inmate phone and commissary providers.

*There is always something, isn’t there?
All contracts are unique as every customer’s requirements are unique. After assessing the needs of your facility, Renovo will prepare a customized proposal for your facility, spelling out all terms and conditions.