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What do I need in order to have an internet visit?

  1. You will need Adobe Flash Player. Verify you have the most up-to-date version of Flash Media Player.
  2. You will need a webcam, either internal (built into the monitor) or external (plugged into your USB outlet). If you require a camera, one can be purchased at almost every big box retailer including Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and many online retailers for as little as $25.
  3. Identify if you have a microphone attached to your computer. Many computers have a built in microphone. To locate, click Control Panel in your start menu then Sound. In the Sound menu click Recording. If you do not see any options you will need to purchase microphone. Headsets can be purchased with both microphone and headphones. In addition, many webcams come with a built in microphone.
  4. Ensure that your webcam and microphone is attached to the computer and the devices' firmware has been installed.
  5. Close all other programs that might use your webcam. This can include web chat programs, such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger or programs that came with your webcam.
  6. Locate the speaker volume. To do so, click the speaker icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Adjust to an appropriate level. You will need to user either headphones or speakers.
  7. Check your internet speed. For best results you will need at least 400kbps download and upload.
  8. For best results, use headphones to help cut down on noise echo issues.
  9. When prompted, click Allow in the Adobe Flash Player Settings pop-up. Check "Remember" to bypass this step in the future.

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