How do I send an email to an inmate?

How do I send an email to an inmate?

  1. From any page, hover your mouse cursor over the Email tab and click Compose Email. Or, on the right hand side of the page, click the "Compose Email" link. You will be directed to the Compose Email page.
  2. REQUIRED. Select the inmate your wish to send an email to from the dropdown. If the inmate does not appear in the dropdown, click "Search for an inmate". Follow the instructions on that page.
  3. REQUIRED. Type the desired subject. The number of characters (including spaces) is limited to 150.
  4. REQUIRED. Type the desired message in the message body. The number of characters (including spaces) will be limited. A countdown will be displayed on the bottom left hand side of the page.

Note: If pasting information, all formatting (size, color, etc.) will be removed.

Note: At the bottom of the page it will indicate how many characters (including spaces) remain. You will not be allowed to type past that limit.

Note: All misspelled words will be highlighted. If you have exceeded the maximum number of misspellings allowed, the misspelling count on the bottom of the page will turn red and you will be unable to send the email. Corrections to misspellings will be required to send the email. Upon manual review a facility may still reject an email based upon the number of misspellings.

Note: While on the compose page, emails are automatically saved every 5 seconds. If you leave the page between saves, anything entered since the last save may be lost. Wait for "Saved" to flash at the bottom of the page before navigating away from the page or closing the browser window. Only one unsent email can be saved at a time.

  1. Click "Send" to immediately send the email.

Note: If you have any misspellings, a warning message will indicate that misspelling could potentially lead to rejection. You will still be charged an e-stamp.

Note: If you do not have enough e-stamps to send the email, a warning message will appear. Click "Buy Stamps" if you wish to buy e-stamps. You will be directed to the Buy Stamps page and your email will be saved. If you do not wish to buy e-stamps at this time, click "Cancel".