How do I add a visitor to a visit?

How do I add a visitor to a visit?

1. Log into the facility’s visitation scheduling system.

2. On the homepage, under the “Upcoming Visits” heading, click on any piece of the visits information.

3. You will be taken to the visit confirmation page. Click “Add/Remove” in the Visitor(s) section toward the bottom of the page.

4. Next, click the checkbox next to the name of each visitor you would like to add. If the visitor you are looking for is not listed, click “Add a New Visitor” and follow the instructions on the screen.

5. After you have selected all the visitors you’d like to add, please the Next button.

6. Verify the information and agree to the policies by checking the box and pressing “Confirm.”

Related FAQs

How do I schedule a visit with another non-registered adult visitor?

If the adult visitor will never visit the facility without you it is recommended to register them through this process. Proceed to Step 1 below.

If the adult visitor may visit the facility without you it is recommended that they register themselves in the visitation scheduling system. Please see: How do I register in the visitation scheduling system? One of the visitors will need to request scheduling privileges and the second visitor must accept the invitation to appear in each other's My Visitors list. Please see: How do I request another visitor become part of My Visitors list?

  • From any page, hover your mouse cursor over the My Account tab, click on the Manage Visitors option.
  1. On the Manage Visitors page, under Add to My Visitors or Minor Visitors, click the link to create/register a new adult visitor.
  2. Enter and/or edit the information.
  3. Click the "Add" or "Add Minor" button.

You may edit or remove the Visitor/Minor from here.

Note: If you entered an email address in for the visitor, they will receive a registration notification.

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How do I request another registered adult visitor to become part of My Visitors list?

Note: Both you and the other visitor must be registered in the visitation scheduling system separately.

  1. From the Manage Visitors page, click the link to request another visitor to become part of your My Visitors list.
  2. Enter the Visitor ID in the field provided. Visitor ID's are located under the main heading to the right of the visitor's name on the right hand side of the page.
  3. Click the "Make Request" button.

The visitor will be notified of your request via e-mail. The visitor will have the option to Accept, Reject or Block your request. On your Manage My Visitors page, you will see your request under Waiting for Response. If approved, the visitor will appear in your My Visitor list and on the Manage Visitors page. You may now schedule visits with that visitor.

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How do I accept a request from another visitor to become part of their My Visitors list?

  1. On the top of the page, under the main menu, a red icon with a number will appear over the user notification icon indicating that you have a pending visitor request. You may also see pending requests by going to the My Visitors page.
  2. Under Waiting for Response, click the "Accept", "Reject", or "Block" link next to the visitor's name.

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