Video Conference Automation

Manage and automate your video conferencing network with ease.

Automatic Conference Set-up & Tear Down

After scheduling a conference, endpoints and MCUs are automatically connected at the scheduled time according to the options that were chosen. No manual interaction is necessary. Users can simply show up and participate in the conference with little to no knowledge or training.

Automated Email Notifications

Email notifications were designed to help cut down on the amount of manual communication required to administrate video conference networks. At the same time, Video Scheduler’s automated email notifications help keep users on your network up to date should a conference be changed, cancelled, etc.

There are 11 different actions that administrators can set to trigger Video Scheduler to send an email notification. Examples include conference creation, conference change, conference cancellation, room request, room approval, etc.

Each of the 11 different email notifications have templates that can be customized. Text, images, and logos can be used to brand the email specifically for your organization. An option is also available to send emails as calendar invites (.ics format).

Automatic Conflict Checking

During scheduling and confirmation, Video Scheduler ensures that all necessary resources are available, such as MCU’s, endpoints, recording devices, rooms, bandwidth, etc.

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