Advanced Scheduling Options

Video Conference Scheduling that works for You.

Renovo’s video conference management software, Video Scheduler, allows you to quickly schedule on-demand or future video conferences through a secure and intuitive web-based scheduling system. Username and password authentication provides security against unauthorized use and allows the ability to assign permissions to different user groups.

Choose Your Reservation Type

Video Scheduler will save you time by allowing you to reserve multiple or ongoing reservations with just one reservation submission. You can even edit single conferences within a recurring reservation. In addition, you can easily recreate new reservations from old or existing ones. Simply copy the previous reservation, make any necessary updates, and submit.

  • Single reservations
  • Ad-hoc or on-demand reservations
  • Multiple dates/times reservations
  • Regularly recurring reservations
  • Edit single conferences within multiple/recurring reservations
  • Copy old or existing reservations

Event Offering

Creating an event schedules a conference that others can sign up for. You can make an event available to everyone within your network, or limit it to specific user groups. Users can then search for an event using any of the definable fields (e.g. date, time, event type). You can also specify a maximum number of endpoints, a maximum number of participants, and a reservation close date. Events can be single or multi-room, and are compatible with the Video Scheduler’s email and RSS notification features.

Message Boards (Listserv)

Video Scheduler includes a built in message board (a.k.a. listserv or forum) that works in conjunction with event offering. Users can subscribe to the message board lists in order to receive emails when new posts are created. An event section of the message board allows users to post, request, or discuss event offerings.

Custom Scheduling Options

Administrators can set up custom time blocks (e.g. class periods) and durations for recurring conferences (e.g. semester or calendar year) that users can then choose from. Individual users can set scheduling preferences such as calendar views, time zones, and time format (standard vs. military time). In addition, you can add an unlimited number of additional information fields to any reservation.

  • Custom time blocks
  • Custom recurrence durations
  • Unlimited additional information fields
  • Set time zones and time format (standard/military)
  • Calendar view

Eliminate Scheduling Conflicts

Video Scheduler eliminates scheduling conflicts by automatically checking to ensure that resources are available for the requested conference before confirming a reservation. Endpoints, rooms, devices, ports, gateways, and bandwidth availability are all checked before a reservation is confirmed.

MCU Scheduling and Load Balancing

Video Scheduler empowers institutions and network administrators to effectively manage MCUs with advanced scheduling, reporting, and monitoring tools. Learn more about Video Scheduler’s numerous MCU scheduling and automation features.

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