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Video Scheduler, Renovo’s video conference scheduling software, allows institutions to administer their video conferencing system in such a manner that reflects the real life privileges and capabilities of its users. Video Scheduler is completely configurable so that while a network of endpoints grows, it can be configured to accurately represent the needs of that network.

Multiple Domain Authentication

With Renovo’s Video Scheduler, there is no need for your users to create new username and passwords. Video Scheduler can be configured to authenticate via your Active Directory, LDAP, or Shibboleth. This feature saves you from the time and headache of managing an entirely new set of users and their passwords.

User Privileges

Video Scheduler can be configured to function as a centralized environment with a single administrator, a decentralized environment with several administrators, or anywhere in between on a scale of 1 to 1,000.

Each function within Video Scheduler is a privilege that can be enabled or disabled for a user or user group. In addition, each room/site/endpoint has two levels of access: one allows the user to select it for scheduling, and the second allows the user to approve scheduling requests. In this way, conferences, MCU resources, and endpoints can be requested and subsequently approved by the resource owner(s).

Finally, Video Scheduler allows multiple customers to function autonomously or together on a single, shared network. Policies can be applied across the entire network, or to individual segments of the network.

Live Conference Maintenance

Administrators are given complete control over live conferences. Some of the live conference administrative capabilities include:

  • Stop, suspend, and resume live conferences
  • Change a conference’s end time
  • Disconnect and re-connect ports to a conference
  • Change the continuous presence layout at any time
  • Change an endpoint from dial-in to dial out or vice versa
  • Mute audio from an endpoint
  • Change the broadcast volume to an endpoint
  • Change lecturer mode and lecturer name
  • Stop video to a specific endpoint or endpoints
  • Designate an endpoint as the exclusive speaker


Renovo’s video conference scheduling software offers a robust set of reporting tools. Video Scheduler allows you to monitor and report on your video conferencing network, and use those reports to help your institution make critical decisions about the conferences, classes, or events they offer.

Video Scheduler comes with over 25 standard reports including usage reports, schedule reports, MCU capacity reports, conflict reports, and administrative reports. Reports can be saved in HTML, PDF, or XML formats). On top of that, Renovo makes reporting capabilities unlimited by offering our customers access to the database so that, should you desire, you can create your own reports.

Reservation History

Video Scheduler contains a built-in tracking system which records all reservations, changes to those reservations, when a change took place, and who made the change. Administrators can use reservation history to audit their video conferencing environment in order to ensure user accountability and data authenticity.

Custom Database Fields

Create and define an unlimited amount of your own custom database fields. Administrators can create plain text, numerical, single select drop down, multi-select drop down, date, URL, and file attachment fields. When a conference is scheduled, the custom fields will appear alongside the standard input fields. This capability allows you to track virtually anything for later reporting.

Custom fields are also useful for Video Scheduler’s event offering capability. URLs, file uploads, and other custom informational input can be used when scheduling an event offering. That information is then posted to the event for users to view.

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