Video Conference Scheduling for Outlook

Renovo Outlook Plugin screenshot

A new plugin developed by Renovo Software brings familiar calendar scheduling together with video conference automation in Microsoft Outlook for the first time. The plugin uses Renovo's premier, hardware-neutral video conference automation platform, Video Scheduler, as a foundation. The Renovo Outlook Plugin will be unveiled next week at Renovo's booth (N1667) at the 2014 InfoComm Show in Las Vegas.

Adding room endpoints, PC or mobile clients, and other participants is just like adding recipients to an email. Enabling video on single occurrences or entire series of meetings can be done with a single click. Furthermore, video-conference-enabled meetings can be edited on-the-fly later if participants need to be added or dropped, etcetera. Configurable options allow administrators to give Outlook users varying degrees of control and access.

Options in the new plugin include:

  • automatic bridge selection
  • recording
  • streaming
  • continuous presence layout
  • lecture mode
  • content sharing
  • HD vs. SD control
  • multipoint override
  • dial in/out (per endpoint)
  • and bitrate (per endpoint)