St. Lucie County Jail Deploys New Video Visitation System A Month Early


Earlier this month, a power failure took down the video visitation system in the St. Lucie County Jail. Since the system was video visitation only and did not include face-to-face visitation, public visits had to be shut down altogether. Attorneys, clergy, and other professional visitors were still allowed to visit.

St. Lucie County had already purchased and planned to deploy a new video visitation system. The planned deployment date was in late August, but since repairing the old system would take longer than actually deploying the new video visitation system, the Sheriff's Office urged all parties involved to "devote additional resources to the project to speed up the completion date."

Deployment of the new video visitation system is complete, and family and friends of the roughly 1,100 inmates at St. Lucie County Jail will be able visit their loved ones again beginning Friday, July 20, 2012. The new system, powered by Renovo Software's video visitation management platform, allows for the possibility to use face-to-face visits.

Sheriff Ken Mascara stated of the companies installing the new system, "they have all put forth extraordinary efforts, and I want to commend them for all they have done."