Renovo Releases Latest Version of Inmate Visitation Management Platform

Renovo Software has released the latest version of their inmate visitation management platform. VisManager version 5.2 includes a redesigned, web-based scheduling interface and multiple new features that will result in increased efficiency and revenue generating potential for correctional facilities.

Correctional facilities can now charge for visits exceeding inmate visitation quotas--whether those visits are face-to-face, on-premise video, or internet video visitations. Weber County, Utah, who began using the Renovo system in 2009, has recently begun doing so. In just one month, Weber generated $3,300 from visitation.

Enhanced revenue generation, a secure inmate email system, on-the-fly visitation extensions and visitation status boards are just some of the upgrades Renovo Software has made in VisManager 5.2.