University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to Deploy Renovo Software’s Video Conference Scheduling Solution

September 19, 2012


UAMS’s video conferencing network includes some 1,000 endpoints, fourteen Cisco HD multipoint control units, and a Cisco telepresence content server cluster.


The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock, Arkansas has selected Video Scheduler, Renovo Software’s video conference scheduling platform, for its interactive video conferencing network serving the educational and healthcare community.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) will utilize Renovo Software’s advanced video conference scheduling platform, Video Scheduler, to schedule, automate and manage their interactive video conferencing network. UAMS’s video conferencing network—used for distance learning, telehealth, and collaborative purposes—includes some 1,000 endpoints, fourteen Cisco HD multipoint control units, and a Cisco telepresence content server cluster.

Renovo’s Video Scheduler will empower UAMS with a unique set of tools to advance the scheduling and management of their video conferencing network. UAMS will make extensive use of Video Scheduler’s advanced user and user group privilege management and endpoint approval capabilities. In addition to advanced privilege and scheduling tools, UAMS will use Video Scheduler to send automated notices, configure MCU load balancing, monitor and maintain live network usage, create reports, and more.

Video Scheduler will help to improve the efficiency of UAMS’s video conferencing network by allowing users to schedule multiple instances of a reservation at irregular date and time intervals, schedule regularly recurring reservations, and even copy old or existing reservations. The scheduling process is streamlined further by providing administrators with the capability to set up custom time blocks and durations for recurring conferences. This powerful platform offers a remarkable amount of control, allowing users to edit individual instances within multiple and recurring reservations, or even add custom additional information fields to any reservation.

UAMS will also be deploying Renovo’s unique event offering module. Using event offering, UAMS can create and market events, classes, seminars, etc. to anyone across the network. Users within their network can then search, discuss, suggest, or sign up for the events. Events UAMS offers through Video Scheduler will be fully compatible with built in features such as the message board (listserv), email notifications, and RSS feeds.

About Renovo

Renovo Software is a leading developer of software solutions for the video communications industry. Renovo designs, develops and supports software solutions that schedule, automate and manage complex video conferencing networks. Renovo’s Video Scheduler is deployed in some of the world’s largest video conferencing networks, yet scales down to meet the needs of almost any network. Applications include video visitation, courtroom arraignment, distance learning, telemedicine and business videoconferencing.