Texas ESC Region 13 Uses Renovo Video Scheduler’s JSON Output to Integrate with Website

October 28, 2013


Video Scheduler has been a great tool for simplifying the use of our videoconferencing network.


ESC Region 13 utilizes Renovo Software’s new JSON output to feed the ESC 13 website events page, automatically displaying events offered through Renovo’s videoconference management system.

Texas Education Service Center Region 13 (ESC 13) deployed Renovo Software’s videoconference network management platform, Video Scheduler over 4 years ago. In late 2012, ESC 13 added Renovo’s LifeSize Bridge compatible driver. Now, with Renovo’s JSON output feature, ESC 13 has seamlessly integrated events offered through Video Scheduler into the ESC 13 website’s event page.

“Region 13 services over one hundred institutions,” said Ted Nafzger, Video Scheduler sales manager at Renovo Software, “and this new integration provides better exposure and easier access to collaborative learning opportunities.” Events offered through Renovo’s Video Scheduler are automatically displayed on the ESC 13 website in chronological order with a sign up button, “without creating extra work for anyone,” Nafzger explained.

The ESC 13 videoconference network includes two LifeSize Bridges, a Cisco Bridge, and over 200 Cisco and LifeSize endpoints. Renovo’s advanced management, scheduling, and automation platform empowers administrators and end users with advanced web-based tools to effectively and efficiently maintain and utilize the network.

Administrative features like MCU load balancing, automatic MCU selection, reservation queuing, live maintenance, usage reports, and access rights management help administrators keep the system running smoothly. Staff, on the other hand, can use automated email notices, regularly recurring reservations, reservation duplication, single-instance editing, custom time blocks, and a host of other advanced options to save time and focus on providing students the educational support they need.

“Video Scheduler has been a great tool for simplifying the use of our videoconferencing network,” said Carol Teitelman, ESC 13’s Distance Learning Coordinator. “It allows staff to do more with less, and connects schools to learning opportunities around the globe. The JSON integration is another step in promoting that collaboration.”

About Renovo Software

Renovo Software is a leading developer of software solutions for the video communications industry. Renovo designs, develops and supports software solutions that schedule, automate and manage complex video conferencing networks. Renovo’s Video Scheduler is deployed in some of the world’s largest video conferencing networks, yet scales down to meet the needs of almost any network. Applications include video visitation, courtroom arraignment, distance learning, telemedicine and business videoconferencing.