South Dakota Replaces Video Conference Scheduling System

January 15, 2014

South Dakota's Digital Dakota Video Network will use Video Scheduler, Renovo Software's video conference scheduling platform.

Renovo’s reputation for high quality products and service was a critical part of our decision making process.


South Dakota will update their statewide video conferencing network to utilize Renovo Software’s advanced scheduling system.

South Dakota’s Digital Dakota Network, or DDN, has partnered with Renovo Software to schedule and automate their statewide video communication system. The DDN will replace a Freeport Technologies solution with Renovo’s Video Scheduler platform. Video Scheduler will be used to manage three Polycom RMX MCU’s, Polycom RSS recording, and 675 endpoints.

“We schedule thousands of video conferences across the network every month,” said Jay Etzkorn, Technology Manager for the DDN. “Scheduling software is vital in helping us keep our network running efficiently and reliably. Renovo’s reputation for high quality products and service was a critical part of our decision making process, and we are looking forward to the efficiencies that the new software will provide.”

Renovo Software has been supporting and developing video communication solutions for more than a decade. Some of the world’s largest video networks, including over half of the unified statewide videoconferencing networks in the US, now utilize Video Scheduler. “We are committed to a hardware-neutral development strategy, even as video technology progresses,” said Ted Nafzger, Video Scheduler sales manager at Renovo Software. “This protects our customers’ investments by ensuring flexibility as technologies and demands inevitably change.”

The DDN is used by state and municipal governments, higher education, K-12 schools, businesses, and several health organizations for training, meetings, presentations, and other collaborative applications. About a dozen administrators will utilize Video Scheduler to schedule and manage the multi-tenant network. “Video Scheduler is designed to give networks like the DDN the necessary tools to effectively run their video network without overburdening their staff or hardware,” said Nafzger.

About Renovo Software

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