Renovo Software Extends Platform with Cisco Connected Justice™

May 2, 2013


We can help the corrections industry achieve dramatic efficiencies across a number of areas...


Joint collaboration between Renovo Software and Cisco Connected Justice™ enhances productivity and efficiencies for correctional facilities and courts.

Renovo Software, Inc. has announced the integration of their industry leading inmate visitation management system into a Cisco Connected Justice™ Solution. The joint visitation solution will allow correctional customers to leverage face-to-face communication without the risk, and expense associated with transporting inmates.

“Standards-based, open communication is the cornerstone of Cisco’s Connected Justice™ Solutions,” stated Tim Eickhoff, Co-owner of Renovo Software. “Renovo has always encouraged our correctional facility customers to take advantage of the video visitation enclosures in inmate housing units for more than just visitation. Cisco’s Connected Justice™ is that complete end-to-end solution. Inmates can be connected to a myriad of locations for courtroom arraignments, education services, and clergy meetings, for example.”

Daniel Stewart, Senior Justice Advisor for Cisco, furthered, “The corrections industry has been going through a transformative process in recent years. The changes have been focused around how services can be provided to the inmate population. Through our collaborative investment, Cisco and Renovo will be able to expand and enhance how these services can be delivered more effectively. By establishing solutions that are based on industry standards that can support a variety of applications, we can help the corrections industry achieve dramatic efficiencies across a number of areas including visitation, education, healthcare, legal and counseling services."

Cisco’s Connected Justice™ Solutions allow for family and legal visits, courtroom arraignment, TeleHealth, education programming, reentry interaction, and parole and probation interviews, all from the inmate’s housing unit. The result is a reduction in the resources needed to manage inmate movement. In addition to helping correctional facilities reduce operational costs and achieve greater efficiencies, Cisco’s Connected Justice™ Solutions aid inmates in their return to society and reduce recidivism.

Ron Schwarz, Cisco Director of Business Development added, “Cisco has an ongoing commitment to open standards. The combination of Renovo’s expertise in inmate video visitation with Cisco’s open communications infrastructure, and extensive channel partner network, provide correctional facilities, courts, and other government agencies with the ability to support a variety of services and applications.”

Renovo Software and Cisco will be demonstrating their Connected Justice Solution at the upcoming American Jail Association Conference in Grand Rapids, MI., May 5th thru 7th.

About Renovo Software

Renovo Software is a leading developer of software solutions for the video communications industry. The Twin-Cities-based company designs, develops and supports software solutions that schedule, automate, and manage complex video networks. Applications include video visitation, courtroom arraignment, distance learning, telemedicine, and business videoconferencing.