Renovo Redefines Inmate Visitation Management with Latest Release

April 10, 2012

Renovo Software VisManager v5.2 - Inmate Visitation Management Platform

Weber County has really embraced these new revenue generation features and as a result could generate up to $40,000 this year from extra visitations alone.


Renovo Software’s release of VisManager 5.2 allows family, friends and professionals to register, schedule visits, send emails and participate in internet video visits with inmates through one easy-to-use website.

Renovo Software has released the latest version of their inmate visitation management platform, VisManager. Version 5.2 includes a redesigned online scheduling interface, enhancements to its revenue generation module, and several new features that will increase efficiency and revenue-generating potential for correctional facilities.

With their latest release, Renovo has looked at ways to help existing customers and prospects generate revenue to offset losses in tax revenue. With Renovo’s solution, correctional facilities will now have the ability to charge for visits exceeding inmate visitation quotas—no matter if they are face-to-face, on-premise video, or internet video visitations.

Weber County, Utah, who first implemented the Renovo system in 2009, recently began charging for extra visits. In just one month, Weber generated $3,300 from visitation. Brian Peters, Renovo’s Product and Marketing Director, stated, “Weber County has really embraced these new revenue generation features and as a result could generate up to $40,000 this year from extra visitations alone.”

In addition to charging for extra visits, facilities can now add an inmate email feature to their system. The secured inmate email system allows visitors to register, schedule visits, and send an email to an inmate all from one interface. Facilities are able to generate revenue by charging visitors to send an email.

Renovo has also developed several original features. With version 5.2, facilities can now create custom “visitation status boards,” similar to flight status boards in airports. Status boards can be configured to display upcoming visits for a single visitation station, all stations in one dorm, or even an entire visitation center.

“With the flexibility of VisManager 5.2, displays can be placed in visitation lobbies and housing units. The visitation stations themselves can even display their own schedule when they’re not in use. This feature will greatly aid facility staff in directing inmates and visitors to stations,” stated Peters.

Another feature being introduced is the ability to extend visits on the fly. If, for example, a professional needs more time with an inmate, facilities can easily change the visit’s end time. Renovo’s VisManager 5.2 will automatically take into account the facility’s quotas, policies, hours, and prescheduled visits to ensure no conflicts arise.

Finally, with customizable recording settings, facilities can now choose the appropriate quality and size to store recorded visits. This feature means facilities can record about ten times as much with the same amount of storage space. Allowing facilities this flexibility is important due to the significant role recorded visits can play in investigations and court cases.

About Renovo

Renovo Software is a leading developer of software solutions for the video communications industry. The Twin-Cities-based company designs, develops and supports software solutions that schedule, automate and manage complex video networks. Applications include video visitation, courtroom arraignment, distance learning, telemedicine, and business videoconferencing.