Renovo Adds Managed Hosting Options for Their Inmate Visitation Management Platform

February 1, 2012


Renovo is providing a way for correctional facilities with tight budgets to efficiently manage and schedule visitations for as little as $95 a month.


Designed specifically for cost-conscious correctional facilities that are looking to manage face-to-face, on-premise video visits, and/or internet video visits, Renovo Software has introduced managed hosting options for their inmate visitation management solution.

Renovo Software, the world leader in inmate visitation management solutions, has recently added a managed hosting offering to their ever-expanding lineup of corrections industry products. Installed at nearly 100 correctional facilities across the US and Canada, the solution enables correctional facilities to easily keep track of inmate quotas, policies, and restrictions, as well as register visitors and schedule visits.

By offering the software as a hosted solution, Renovo is providing a way for correctional facilities with tight budgets to efficiently manage and schedule visitations for as little as $95 a month. Brian Peters, Product and Marketing Director for Renovo Software, affirms, “Our solution is not new to the industry; however, what is new is how quickly, easily, and inexpensively correctional facilities can get up and running on the system.”

Renovo’s solution enables correctional facilities to determine how they want to manage and schedule visits, no matter the method of visitation. Facilities can go as far as to offer visitor registration, scheduling, and even visitations via the internet. Peters states, “This feature reduces the workload on visitation staff and allows public and professional visitors to easily register and schedule visits for themselves.”

Renovo recently reported that correctional facilities using their system see up to a 50% reduction in time spent managing visitations. Fred Wagoner, Visitation Manager at Palm Beach County, FL, furthers, “I’ve been using this system for almost 10 years, and I can say that there is no other solution on the market with the depth and breadth of features as Renovo – the time saved immediately translates to our bottom line.”

Beyond managing and scheduling visits, Renovo has optional features that allow facilities to generate revenue from visitations. Facilities can generate revenue by offering extended visitations, by charging for visits in excess of inmate quotas, or by charging based upon the type or location of the visit. Peters states, “One unique aspect of our system is that facilities can generate revenue no matter what type of visitation method they have. This optional feature could pay for the entire system with just a couple paid visits a day.”

About Renovo

For almost a decade, Renovo’s Visitation Management Solution has helped both large and small correctional facilities cut the chaos out of their visitation centers. With over 100 customers across the US, Renovo’s Visitation Solution continues to introduce next generation features and functionality.

Renovo’s modular software allows correctional facilities to effectively manage their visitation environment by selecting the level of scheduling and automation they want. Beyond that, Renovo offers the most advanced revenue generation options of any solution on the market – helping facilities achieve maximum efficiency with minimal budgets.

So whether it’s on-premise video visits, internet video visits or simply scheduling and managing face-to-face visits, Renovo can help correctional facilities find efficiencies, cut costs, and generate revenue each step along the way.