Muskegon County Jail Will Leverage Videoconferencing Technologies

June 6, 2014


Visitation is just the beginning. Arraignment, parole, telemedicine, rehabilitation: these are all potential areas of impact...


New Muskegon County Jail will use video technologies to streamline communication between inmates and courtrooms, the Public Defender’s Office, jail administrators, and personal visitors.

Plans for the new Muskegon County Jail include an innovative new videoconferencing platform designed to increase security and reduce costs. The system, purchased through Information Systems Intelligence. and developed by Minneapolis-based Renovo Software, will be one of the first to leverage the integration between an inmate video visitation system and their existing Cisco videoconferencing infrastructure. Construction of the new facility is slated for 2015.

While video visitation has been around for years, the corrections industry has yet to widely adopt the use of videoconferencing beyond visitation. Muskegon County will utilize 58 High Definition-equipped video stations in conjunction with existing Cisco video phones, conference room endpoints and their Cisco Unified Communications Manager to reduce the costs and safety risks associated with escorting and transportation of inmates.

“Our integration with Cisco and being truly non-proprietary has been extremely important to both Renovo and Cisco customers. They have been able to leverage their investments in existing infrastructure and fully integrate with videoconferencing networks already in place” said Tim Eickhoff, President and Co-Owner of Renovo Software. “Our system is integrated with Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager to seamlessly tie Muskegon’s video visitation stations in with their existing video infrastructure and connect inmates to court hearings, meetings with public defenders, probation officers, and grievances with jail administrators straight from their housing units.”

While the new jail is being constructed, Muskegon visitors will enjoy the benefits of Renovo’s visitation platform. The scheduling and registration process for face-to-face visitation at the existing facility will be significantly more convenient for the public and save the facility time and money. Renovo’s online service will allow visitors to register at their convenience and easily choose from available visitation times.

“Whether it’s face-to-face visits, video visits at the jail, or an internet visit from a mobile device, our system will automatically account for Muskegon’s specific policies and restrictions on top of any potential scheduling conflicts like station availability, network bandwidth, work release, etcetera,” said Eickhoff. “Visitation is just the beginning. Arraignment, parole, telemedicine, rehabilitation: these are all potential areas of impact, which is why we have been so dedicated to developing interoperable, non-proprietary solutions.”

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