Inmate Visitation Gains Efficiency with Renovo’s VisManager 5.6

September 23, 2013


Facilities can easily adjust policies and adopt new visitation technologies over time—protecting investments and eliminating the need for costly custom development.


Renovo Software announces the release of VisManager 5.6, the latest version of the leading inmate visitation scheduling, management, and video visitation system.

VisManager 5.6 is the latest release of Renovo’s inmate visitation management system. Correctional facilities have utilized the platform to reduce costs, increase efficiency and security, and improve public service for over a decade. Customer-first development and a diverse base of over 100 visitation customers ranging from 18 to 18,000 beds has made VisManager the most versatile and feature-rich visitation system on the market. VisManager 5.6 expands on the most comprehensive visitation solution with several new and enhanced features.

Facilities can manage, schedule and automate any combination of internet, on-site video and face-to-face visitations all through a single web-based system. Along with this modular design, Renovo has developed the most advanced feature configurations and revenue generation options on the market. Facilities can easily adjust policies and adopt new visitation technologies over time—protecting investments and eliminating the need for costly custom development or installation of an entirely new system.

Renovo Software has a history of dedication to developing innovative visitation solutions that can be easily configured to meet the unique needs of correctional facilities of all different sizes. VisManager 5.6 introduces a variety of new and improved features giving facilities more options and greater control while improving user experience for public and private visitors. Two-way integration, enhanced public message posts, inmate classification codes, expanded permissions-based user access, additional registration requirement options, and a more intuitive visitor web interface are just a few of the enhancements in VisManager 5.6.

Today, correctional facilities rely on Renovo’s visitation solutions to manage some 2.4 million inmate visitations every year. With unmatched flexibility, a proven track record of innovation, and over a decade of experience in inmate visitation, Renovo Software’s VisManager is a proven solution for facilities of any size or budget.

About Renovo

Renovo Software has provided both large and small correctional facilities across North America with the most advanced inmate visitation management system for nearly a decade. Over 100 jails and prisons utilize Renovo’s uniquely adaptable system for registration, scheduling, and management of any and all visitation methods through a single platform. Whether managing video visitation, remote internet visitation, traditional face-to-face visitation, or all three, Renovo’s system is a proven, next generation solution for cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and generating revenue through inmate visitation.