Campbell County Modernizes Jail with Internet and On-site Video Visitation Technology

August 15, 2013

Renovo Software's VisManager is the world's leading solution for inmate visitation management, scheduling, and video visitation systems.

Everyone benefits from these visitation technologies...not just the facilities, but inmates, visitors and the entire community.


The Campbell County Jail in Newport, Kentucky is improving the efficiency, security, and convenience of their inmate visitation process with new video visitation technologies from Renovo Software.

Inmate visitation in Campbell County, Kentucky is getting an update. The Campbell County Jail has installed an advanced visitation management system developed by Renovo Software. The system was purchased through Combined Public Communications, an inmate phone system provider based in Cold Spring, Kentucky. Visitations at the jail will utilize video units, and visitors will now have the option of visiting inmates online.

Friends and family of Campbell County inmates simply go to, register in the system, and choose between a $6.00 fifteen minute internet visit, a $10.00 twenty-five minute internet visit, or a traditional on-site visit at the jail for no cost. In addition, if an inmate has met their weekly visitation limit, visitors can now purchase an additional on-site video visitation for $7.50 instead of waiting until the following week. Internet visitations are unlimited and do not count toward an inmate’s weekly visitation quota.

“Inmates still get two on-site visits per week for no cost—just like before,” points out Andrew Barrette, Marketing Manager at Renovo Software. “Only now, they can choose to have a remote visitation from the comfort of their home; or if an inmate’s weekly limit is met, they can purchase an additional on-site video visitation. These are all new services that provide convenience to inmates and visitors while reducing traffic and contraband at the jail.”

A webcam, internet access, and Adobe Flash are all that is needed for internet video visitations. Before scheduling a remote internet visitation, visitors can use Renovo’s internet visit tester to be sure their system is capable. “We want visitors to have a good experience with the service,” said Barrette. “The system includes a step-by-step guide, and they can check their PC ahead of time. And, in the case that something does come up, our support staff can help them diagnose and solve any issues.”

The Campbell County Jail has several objectives for the new system. Online scheduling will allow the facility to see a list of upcoming visits and mitigate the unpredictability of walk-ins. Inmates visit through in-pod video units, so facility staff can avoid escorting inmates. Internet and on-site video visitations can be monitored, recorded, and used by investigators. And, if rules are violated, visits can be stopped with the push of a button. “All these features save the facility time and improve security,” said Barrette, “not to mention generating revenue will help to offset costs.”

“Everyone benefits from these technologies,” Barrette said. “Not just the facilities, but inmates, visitors and the entire community.” Several recent studies have shown visitation to be a vital component in reducing an inmate’s likelihood to reoffend after they are released. Internet visits reduce travel and help connect inmates with distant family and friends. Children can visit without having to enter the jail. “If we can help inmates stay connected with the outside, it will aid in their success after reentry. That means safer streets, less crowded jails and prisons, and reduced costs supporting incarcerated offenders.”

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