AARNet Chooses Renovo Software for Enhanced Video And Audio Conference Scheduling System

August 12, 2011


Video Scheduler offers exceptional self-service functionality for customers looking to access AARNet’s real time communication facilities. It was designed with ease of use in mind, enabling all bookings to be managed quickly and easily online.


Renovo Software announces the launch of an enhanced Video Scheduler, their video conference scheduling system, in support of the conference scheduling service provided by the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet).

Enhancements to Video Scheduler were developed to facilitate growing demand for video conferencing services within the AARNet community. The scheduling interface was specifically designed to offer a streamlined user experience as well as adding significant advances in functionality. The new system has already captured the attention of the international community with expressions of interest from research networks in the US and Europe.

The extensive video and audio conferencing applications offered by AARNet have always been managed through an online scheduling system, however in 2010 the organization looked to upgrade to a more refined system. AARNet commissioned Renovo to create a turnkey service, tailored to meet the needs of AARNet’s customers and its Applications and Services team.

James Sankar, AARNet’s Applications and Services Director stated, “Video Scheduler offers exceptional self-service functionality for customers looking to access AARNet’s real time communication facilities. It was designed with ease of use in mind, enabling all bookings to be managed quickly and easily online. The drop-down menus enable one-click booking of endpoints as well as audio and conference bridges. The system also performs availability checks before processing a booking and automatically emails invitees with conference details.”

Interoperability is a key feature of the new system, which works seamlessly with both Cisco and Polycom conference bridges, recording and streaming technology and will even recommend which bridges to use based on conference parameters.

“AARNet was looking to the market for a system capable of supporting a multi-vendor conferencing environment,” said Brian Peters, Product Marketing Manager for Renovo Software. “The versatility of our Video Scheduler Management software enabled us to create a product to meet AARNet’s needs while also enabling us to develop an enhanced platform for the interactive video marketplace.”

In additional to enabling vendor agnostic conferencing, the new scheduling service offers a host of additional functionality for users:

  • Streaming and recording facilities: With the click of a box, customers can elect to record or live stream their conference. Links to live streams are automatically included in email invites and recorded audio or video files are stored by AARNet and can be accessed via pin number
  • Privilege based access: Unlimited user levels provide privilege based access to different levels of functionality. Access levels are set by AARNet’s Applications and Services team based on customer requirements
  • Improved email notifications: Pre-set email templates have been built into the system to streamline communications. Auto-populated emails are created for tasks such as validating reservations, approving conference room bookings and confirming new users. Emails may also be sent as a calendar invite in .ics format
  • Improved reporting functionality: Administrators can run over 25 reports including usage management, bridge capacity and reports on a per institution basis

“AARNet is observing a huge growth in demand for video conferencing services and is committed to providing customers with streamlined user-friendly access to these facilities,” said James Sankar, AARNet’s Applications and Services Director. “The Renovo solution gives our customers the power to manage their conferences online in a few simple steps. We are excited to lead the co-development and now the launch this ‘self-service’ offering to our user community and anticipate a very positive response to the enhanced functionality.”

About Renovo Software, Inc.

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