Online Inmate Visitation at Buncombe County Jail


The Buncombe County Detention Facility has changed video visitation providers in order to offer at-home internet visitation for inmates. Buncombe County chose Renovo Software's inmate visitation management system in order to manage both on-site video visitation as well as the new online visits through a single, web-based system.

The change, however, involves far more improvements than the simple ability to visit an inmate online. Visitors can now go online to Buncombe's new visitation website in order to register for inmate visitation and schedule on-site or online visits. The new system automatically takes restrictions, policies, inmate location, video station availability, and many other factors into account. Visitors get automatic confirmation and cancellation notifications, and the facility can save time and money through all these efficiencies.

Furthermore, by charging a small fee for the new at-home visitation service, Buncombe County will generate revenue to further offset costs. Visitors can choose from 10 minute internet visits for $6.50 or 25 minute internet visits for $16.25. On-site visits at Buncombe County are still limited to one visit per week, but that limit does not apply to internet visits. In addition, inmates' families and friends now have the option to purchase an extra on-site visit for $9.75 if the weekly limit has been met.

While the facility benefits from efficiencies, reduced costs, and increased safety, perhaps the greatest advantage to Buncombe County is the comprehensive and flexible nature of Renovo Software's visitation system. Buncombe County will have the ability to easily adjust policies, add further technologies, and manage and run reports on both on-site visits and internet visits through a single system.