Madera County Dedicates Jail Expansion and Video Visitation Project


Madera County's jail expansion project was dedicated on Friday, February 8th. The jail is facing a rising inmate population, and has added 144 new beds, Renovo Software's video visitation system, and eight new jobs. Madera County plans to eventually use Renovo's system to allow visitors to visit inmates over the internet for a small fee. The revenue generated from this service will be used to offset the jail's operational costs.

Renovo's visitation system allows visitors to visit inmates from anywhere with sufficient internet access. Visitors avoid the hassle of travelling to the facility, waiting in lines, and going through security pat downs. Correctional facilities can be a stressful environment for children and incarcerated parents often prefer for their children not to see them in jail. In fact, some correctional facilities do not even allow children on the premises. Internet visitation systems such as Renovo's allow children to maintain a healthy relationship with incarcerated family members.

In addition, Renovo's video visitation system can all but eliminate contraband from entering the facility. Inmates can participate in visits via video stations installed directly in their housing units, so officers are no longer required to escort inmates to and from visits. The end result is a safer, more controlled, and more efficient environment for visitors, inmates, and officers.