Kent County Adds At-Home Visitation to Existing Video Visitation System

Kent County Jail Introduces At-Home Video Visitation during 2013 American Jail Association Conference

In early April, Kent County signed into a revenue share agreement with Renovo Software to begin offering at-home video visitations and professional remote visitations. As part of that agreement, Renovo Software provided the functionality to manage, schedule and accept payment from the visitors for at-home visitations.

By May 1st, the system was up and running, and visitors were lining up to experience an at-home visitation. Since then, Kent County has averaged between 15-25 at-home visits per day—generating about $150 per day from at-home visitations alone.

On top of that, Kent County began offering visitors the opportunity to purchase additional on-site visits in excess of inmates' quotas. As a second revenue stream, this is giving those that do not have internet access the option of having extra visits.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this program, contact one of our representatives today—or if you are already a Renovo customer, contact your customer account manager!