Visitation Monitoring & Recording

One of the clear advantages of implementing video visitation is that it allows you to easily monitor, record, and interrupt visits. Recording and monitoring not only reduce conflict but also aid with investigations. The more you record, the more you catch.


Renovo’s live monitoring tool allows privileged investigators and staff to monitor all live video visits. This browser-based tool is completely configurable and allows you to stop, pause, resume, and record a visit on demand – giving you complete control over your internet and on-premise video visitation environments.

  • Browser-based monitoring
  • View multiple visits simultaneously
  • Reassign station management
  • Extend visitation end times
  • Authorized users can pause, resume, stop, and record video visits in real-time
  • Privilege-based access


Unlike many other video visitation systems, VisManager requires absolutely no third-party software for recording management. Investigators and staff with privileges can easily flag visits, inmates and/or visitors for recording. Audio and video are automatically synced into a single file for simplified cataloging and search. When a visit is complete, you can easily search, view, and download recordings from your PC — eliminating the time and expense of sending recorded files.

Renovo has developed a cost effective approach utilizing standard servers for processing and storing recordings with configurable storage sizes. Storage space can be further managed within VisManager using configurable recording priority levels. Should you eventually require additional space for recording, you can simply add storage to your server.

  • Live streaming audio and video
  • Configurable recording size and quality
  • Utilizes standard servers for processing & storage
  • Easily search, view and download recordings
  • Full audit trail

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