Inmate Visitor Warrant Check

VisWarrant automatically checks inmate visitors for outstanding warrants

VisWarrant allows facilities to export visitor registration information for 3rd party warrant check services and import warrant check results. This module allows facility staff to be aware of upcoming visits in which one or more of the visitors has a warrant out for his or her arrest.

VisWarrant Features

  • check VisWarrant warns the visitation clerk upon check-in that a visitor has an outstanding warrant.
  • check VisWarrant reports enable officers to run daily reports and be ready when visitors arrive at the facility.
  • check Facilities can set up automated or manual exporting of visitor registration information.
  • check Facilities can configure VisManager such that warrant check results to be automatically or manually imported into VisManager.
  • check Customizable export tool allows facilities to export only those visitors that need to have warrant checks.

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