Inmate Visitation Data Reports

Our VisManager Inmate Visitation Management System allows correctional facilities to keep track of all information regarding inmate visitations. VisManager is designed so that users can easily retrieve reports according to any number of search criteria. For example, if a housing unit officer needs to generate a list of upcoming visits for the day, they can quickly and easily pull a daily report, and post it for viewing.

  • check Pull upcoming visitation reports for an entire facility or specific housing unit(s)
  • check Who visited whom and how many times (day, week, month, etc.)
  • check Visitation types (e.g. normal, professional, etc.)
  • check Visitations by housing unit, station, day of week, or specific time
  • check Housing Unit Report tells corrections officers which station an inmate needs to be at, and at what time
  • check Report formats include PDF, XLS and HTML
  • check Total visitations by day, week, month, etc.