Conflict Checking

Eliminate manually checking JMS, spreadsheets, and sticky notes, and radio calls to housing units!

VisManager ensures that visits can only take place according to your policies, quotas, restrictions, desired inmate location and visitation hours. Whether visitors or corrections employees are doing the scheduling, you can rest assured that all visits conform to the rules you have established.

check Inmate And Station Availability

VisManager automatically checks to verify that the inmate is available for a visit, and a visitation station is available. There’s no need to check the JMS and visitation schedule; VisManager does it all for you!

checkEvent Management

With VisManager, you can schedule an event as an exception to the regular visitation schedule, allowing the flexibility to easily cancel visits and automatically notify visitors during holidays, lock-downs, inclement weather, or any other possible occasion that may warrant an exception.

check Inmate & Visitor Quotas

VisManager allows you to establish daily and weekly quotas for both inmates and visitors, and can assign global quotas for an entire facility while also allowing housing-unit-specific quotas.

check Recording Resources

When you want to record visits, VisManager makes it easy. VisManager automatically ensures the recording of specific visits, inmates and visitors, as determined by the facility. In these cases, visits will only be scheduled during times when recording resources are available.

check Housing Unit Schedules

VisManager allows you to set-up specific visitation hours for individual housing units. If an inmate is moved from one housing unit to another, visits are automatically reconfirmed, or cancelled, accordingly.

check Inmate & Visitor Restrictions

With VisManager, you can set-up visitor- and inmate-specific restrictions. During the scheduling process, VisManager will automatically check to ensure that any restrictions are maintained, eliminating the need to check multiple systems during the scheduling process.

check Visitation Center Hours

VisManager allows you to configure multiple visitation centers, and hours of operation for those individual facilities.

check Number Of Visitors Per Visit

You can set the number of visitors allowed per visit (adult and children), which can help your facility maintain a manageable number of individuals in the visitation lobby.

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