Configurable Visitation Policies

VisManager is designed to meet the needs of virtually any correctional facility — now and in the future. Giving you the ability to fully configure your policies is invaluable in ensuring the longevity of your visitation system.

Fully Configurable Visitation Policy Management

Renovo VisManager is the most flexible inmate visitation management platform on the market


You can set the number of visits allowed, by day and by week, for both inmates and visitors. Even better, you can set quotas at the pod level to ensure that inmates who have additional privileges receive their quota of visits.

checkmark Reconfigure Policies At Any Time

VisManager allows you to configure your visitation policies at any time. This means that as the needs of your facility (and your visitation policies) inevitably change, VisManager can be easily reconfigured without the need for further development or disruptive redeployments.

checkmarkVisitation Times

You can set visitation times from the facility, pod, and visitation center. This functionality helps illuminate — and eliminate — the potential for conflicts to occur in the visitation lobby.

checkmarkPrivilege-based Users & User Groups

This function allows you to create users and assign them to specific user groups with specific, job-related sets of privileges. This maximizes efficiency by ensuring that staff perform only the assigned tasks.

checkmarkInmate & Visitor Restrictions

To ensure staff safety and that orders are followed on an individual inmate basis, this function allows you to set-up no-contact (and other) restrictions.

checkmarkUnique Internet Video Visitation Policies

Different methods of visitation come with their own unique conditions. That’s why we’ve developed VisManager so you can configure separate quotas, restrictions, hours of operation, and other policies specifically for internet video visitation.

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