Automating Your Inmate Visitation System

Reduce tedious work and focus on high level priorities.

VisManager is designed to give you the ability to completely automate your visitation environment. Whether your visitation system includes face-to-to face visitation, video visitation, internet video visitation, or a combination; VisManager’s automated features will save you money and allow you to focus your manpower on more productive tasks. Our inmate visitation management system will eliminate the need for touch-screen monitors, VHS tapes and radio calls to housing units.

check Automated Inmate Updates and Cancellation Notices

Inmate bookings, movements, and releases are immediately propagated throughout the system, providing up-to-date visitation schedules with visibility across the facility. When an inmate’s housing unit or status changes, VisManager will automatically reschedule affected visits. If visits cannot be rescheduled, they are cancelled and visitors are notified via email and automated phone messages – eliminating the need for your visitation staff to manually notify visitors.

  • Automated notification means allocating staff resources to notifying visitors of cancelled visits is no longer necessary — VisManager does the job for you!
  • Visitors can receive an automatic email notification informing them of a cancelled upcoming visit, which protects confidentiality of visitor email addresses.
  • Visitors can also receive an automated phone notification, which protects confidentiality of visitor telephone numbers.

check Automated Station Connections

VisManager can automate station connections for visits, allowing visitation administrators to concentrate on the check-in process.

check Automated Recordings

VisManager allows facilities to record all visits for specific visitors, inmates, or specific visits. In addition, VisManager offers two levels of recording privileges to ensure the security of recorded visits.

check Automated Stations Countdown Clock Timer

Facilities can easily inform the visitor and inmate of the time that remains in their visit, which promotes conflict-free visit endings.

check Automated Station Start-Up And Shutdown Messages

Facilities can customize the messages displayed on stations and when they are displayed. For example: “Your visit may be recorded,” and “Five minutes remain in your visit.”

check Visitor Station Accessibility

VisManager is able to match special needs visitors to wheelchair-accessible stations. For facilities with single and dual handset stations, VisManager can assign visits with one visitor to a single handset station, and visits with multiple visitors to a dual handset station.

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