Video Visitation Enclosure

video visitation station

Designed to Last

Renovo Software’s video visitation stations feature a durable, modular design that allows correctional facilities to add or remove a wide variety of components (e.g. USB port, keyboard, or touchscreen) as needed. The Renovo VisStation Enclosure has been deliberately designed with non-proprietary, fully field-replaceable parts in order to increase product lifespan and protect your investment from obsolescence. Long-term maintenance costs are reduced while adjustments and upgrades are made easier.

Durability and Protection

The Renovo VisStation Enclosure is a corrections-grade enclosure constructed of hardened steel and Lexan® polycarbonate. A seal and drain system protects against spills while all inner components are plugged in to a heavy duty, built in surge protector. A hidden inner hinge and security Torx bolts allow for easy access to inner components while protecting against abuse and tampering.

UL Certification

Renovo’s video visitation kiosks have been tested and UL Certified to meet the appropriate requirements for both the US and Canada.


Renovo Software’s video visitation stations are equipped with the VisStation, the most advanced and compatible video conferencing device in video visitation today. The VisStation was developed by Renovo specifically for video visitation. Renovo’s standards-based, technology neutral approach protects your investment from obsolescence and expands the possible applications of your inmate video stations beyond visitation.

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Video Station Features


  • 17″ Color LCD Flat Panel Monitor
  • Renovo VisStation Codec
  • Fully adjustable 720p HD webcam
  • Distortion-eliminating, angled camera mount
  • Field-replaceable, off-the-shelf components
  • Spill protection seal-and-drain system
  • Corrections-grade steel construction
  • Lexan® polycarbonate
  • Corrections-grade handset and steel lanyard
  • Built in, heavy duty surge protector


  • 17″ Touchscreen Color LCD Flat Panel Monitor
  • USB port
  • Rugged keyboard
  • Hands-free audio
  • Dual handsets

Mounting Options

  • Wall mount
  • Single station pedestal mount
  • Dual station pedestal mount
  • Triple station pedestal mount
  • Quad station pedestal mount
  • Mobile cart

Other Station Enclosures

Additionally, Renovo Software allows you to choose your enclosure preference through our partnerships with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. We want to ensure that you get the individualized service, station features, and support you are looking for.

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