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Protecting your video visitation investment.

Technology is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, and corrections technology is no exception. This rule is especially true for video visitation. In order to protect your investment from obsolescence, be sure to look into the following questions concerning the hardware and software that your visitation system uses:

  • Does it utilize both H.323 and SIP protocol standards?
  • Does it use H.264 compression standards?
  • Is it internet visit ready via Adobe Flash?
  • Can it be used to communicate with industry leading video conferencing endpoints?
  • Does the company have a strong history of video conference hardware/software development?
  • When technologies change, will they be able to provide adequate support and upgrades?
  • Does the system rely heavily on a single technology? What if it becomes obsolete?

Renovo VisStation Codec

  • Optimized for corrections environment

Renovo’s video conferencing device, the VisStation codec, was developed specifically for the corrections market. A codec, or coder-decoder, is a device used in video conferencing to encode data streams as they’re sent and decode streams as they’re received from other devices. Codecs allow endpoints to communicate and for data streams to be compressed while they’re sent over the network.


  • H.323, SIP, H.263 and H.264 standards

Although many video visitation systems claim to be “standards-based,” a myriad of video conferencing standards have been developed over the years to define how codecs work. There are different standards which define separate parts of a videoconference call. H.323 and SIP are two of the top standards-based protocols for starting, controlling and terminating an audio-visual communication session, while H.263 and H.264 are two of the most widely used compression formats for high definition video. In order to be truly non-proprietary, the VisStation is compatible with both H.323 and SIP in addition to H.263 and H.264.


  • Communicates with all industry-leading video conference devices

By utilizing H.263/H.264 and H.323/SIP standards, the VisStation allows you to communicate with all the industry-leading video conference devices. Not only does this mean that VisStations are compatible with other visitation stations, it will also allow you to connect inmates to public defenders’ offices, courtroom arraignment, or a myriad of other locations that use video conferencing.

  • Adobe Flash enabled for internet video visits

Secondly the VisStation utilizes Adobe Flash to communicate with other Flash enabled devices (i.e. a home computer or mobile device). The Renovo VisStation allows you to deploy both on-premise and internet video visitations while still communicating with other devices such as Polycom and Cisco codecs.

VisStation Advantage

No other solution offers this highly compatible, non-proprietary, dual approach to video visitation. This ensures compatibility with other video visitation stations and video conferencing devices, protects your investment, and allows you to easily transition to new technologies without costly hardware changes. Furthermore, your facility can take advantage of Renovo’s non-proprietary system to collaborate with other agencies and deliver countless services above and beyond video visitation—reducing costly inmate transportation.

Renovo VisStation Enclosure

Renovo Software’s VisStation enclosures are the most adaptable video visitation enclosures on the market. With its modular design and field replaceable parts, you can easily add or remove components to this durable enclosure as your needs change over time.

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