Secure Inmate Email

Renovo Software's Secure Inmate Email System, VisMail, can save your facility time and money and generate revenue along the way.

VisMail is NOT a traditional email system.
VisMail is a CORRECTIONS GRADE email system.

Designed specifically with efficiency and security in mind, Renovo’s secured inmate email system, VisMail, allows correctional facilities to generate revenue while reducing time spent organizing, reviewing, delivering, and managing traditional inmate mail.

VisMail’s configurable features enable you to manage a list of banned words as well as a multilingual dictionary to effectively scan and flag emails for potentially suspicious content. Furthermore, you can set thresholds to automate rejections and approvals and cut down on the time that your staff spends reviewing emails.

e2Print (One Way)

e2Print is a one-way, visitor-to-inmate email system designed for correctional facilities that either do not have the required infrastructure or simply wish to prohibit inmates from sending email. e2Print streamlines the review process with configurable auto and manual review thresholds, all while generating revenue. Emails that pass the review process can be printed and delivered to inmates. Should they wish to respond, inmates may use traditional means of communication.

eXpress (Two Way)

eXpress is a two-way email system that allows inmates to read and respond to emails using keyboard-equipped visitation stations. Utilizing the same configurable auto and manual review thresholds, eXpress brings the highest level of efficiency to your facility while at the same time generating revenue for both incoming and outgoing email. With eXpress, approved email goes directly to an inmate’s VisMail inbox.

VisMail Features

  • Revenue generation through customizable stamp charges and packages
  • Integration into Renovo’s visitation management solution
  • Single sign in, web-based public interface
  • Multilingual visitor interface and scanning dictionary
  • Customizable multilingual blacklist dictionary
  • Automated scanning engine to detect blacklisted terms
  • Configurable auto-reject and mandatory officer review thresholds
  • Privilege-based review process
  • Auditable approval/rejection process
  • Secured inmate interface – inmates cannot access the internet
  • Email searches based upon key terms

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