Revenue Generation

VisPay – you decide how and when to charge.

While the demands of your staff and facility continue to grow, budgets continue to shrink. As a result, correctional facilities have sought out ways to generate revenue to offset costs. Services such as inmate phones, commissary, and inmate deposits have helped to defray costs; but until now, there has not been an effective system to generate revenue from inmate visitation.

Regulations, policies, and demand for visitation can vary greatly from one correctional facility to the next, and are likely to change over time. Renovo’s revenue generation module, VisPay, allows you to generate revenue through visitation in a way that best suits your facility’s unique needs.

We will help you choose rates and options that will help you meet your goals, and adjust later if necessary. You can charge for at-home internet visitation, additional on-site visits, specific days, times of day, or even specific visitation locations. Whether you offer on-site video visitation, internet video visitation, face-to-face, or a mix, Renovo’s flexible revenue generation module allows you to generate revenue each step of the way.

Generate Revenue From

  • At-home internet visitation
  • On-site video visitation
  • Face-to-face visitation
  • Visits in excess of your weekly visitation quota
  • Visits during specific days or times of the day
  • Visits at specific locations (i.e. downtown visitation center)


  • Set up unique fee structures
  • Create override and refund polices
  • Generate billing reports
  • Automated refunds for inmate releases, movements, etc.

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