Is Internet Video Visitation Right For You?

Is internet video visitation right for your facility? Consider the factors below.

Video visitation has come a long way in the past 10 years.

In 2003, Renovo Software was the first company in the world to introduce an IP based video visitation solution. Now, new customers are deploying our internet video visitation system with the same features, functionality and controls as on-site video visitation.

For existing customers, transitioning to a completely new way of offering inmate visitations can be a political and hotly debated topic. How do we stop inmates and visitors from exposing themselves? How do we keep minors safe? How do we verify a visitor’s identity? These are all legitimate questions that need to be addressed before any facility will sign off on offering visitations over the internet.

Two years ago, Renovo set out to develop a solution that would go beyond simply connecting an inmate to a visitor over the internet. With over 100 customers, we understand that each facility has their own complex and unique set of variables to consider. Our software allows you to configure those variables specifically for your facility, in the end, creating a more streamlined and automated visitation process and ensuring a safe visitation environment.

With VisAnywhere, our internet video visitation module, facilities can create a unique schedule with hours specific to internet video visitation. Internet video visitation can even be assigned its own unique set of rules, privileges, quotas, restrictions, and approval lists to ensure that your safety and security requirements are adhered to during internet video visits.

Renovo has gone a step further by developing an option for facilities to perform video check-ins prior to the start of an internet visit. With this powerful tool, officers have the ability to verify a visitor’s identity prior to allowing that visitor to attend scheduled visits.

A common concern facilities share is the monitoring and recording of inmate visits. For our existing customers, Renovo offers the ability for facilities to monitor and record internet visits in the same manner as on-site. Visits over the internet can be monitored alongside on-site video visits–allowing staff to stop, pause, resume, record and extend visits on the fly. Recorded internet visits are then accessed in the same manner as any other recorded visits.

Regardless of all the technology, human involvement is still an integral part of deploying any visitation system. Facility staff will still need to monitor visits to ensure that policies and procedures are being adhered to. No piece of software can replace the corrections officer; at best, it can only act as a tool to assist them.

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