Internet Video Visitation

Internet Video Visitation is just one piece of the complete visitation management puzzle.

Reduce costs. Reduce crowds. Simplify visitation.

Video chat is nothing new, but in the high security world of detention, effectively managing the unique complexities of inmate visitations via the internet requires an elevated level of system control and industry experience. Renovo’s internet video visitation module, VisAnywhere, brings an already powerful, patented visitation management platform to the next level.

Correctional facilities have a distinct need for their visitation environment to accurately account for the increased configuration and security needs that come with internet visits. Renovo’s VisAnywhere, for example, provides additional restrictions, quotas, billing rules, warrant checks, and video check-in functionality that are specific to internet video visits. It is important to remember that internet video visitation is just one part of a complete visitation system. That is why VisAnywhere is designed to integrate seamlessly with on-site video visitation and face-to-face visitation.

With one simple, easy-to-use website, inmate visitors can register, schedule, and complete visits from their PC, laptop or tablet PC (iPad and Android). Most importantly, if internet video visits are not an option for some visitors, correctional facilities can use Renovo to manage and schedule both internet and on-premise visits using the appropriate quotas, restrictions, schedules, monitoring, and recording rules.

VisAnywhere Features

  • Manage face-to-face, internet and on-premise video visitation with one solution
  • Officer video check-in prior to visitation start
  • No additional software required
  • Live monitoring and remote control
  • Unique internet video visitation quotas
  • Custom internet video visitation charges
  • Revenue generation options
  • Minimal bandwidth requirements
  • Integrated into public web scheduling interface
  • Visitor can visit via PC, laptop and/or tablet (iPad and Android)

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