Inmate Visitation Scheduling

Designed by correctional facilities, for correctional facilities.

Inmate visitation management systems should not be one-size fits all – visitation management software must address your unique policies, challenges, and requirements. Renovo’s patented solution is designed to let you create specific policies, quotas, and restrictions that allow for effective and accurate visitation scheduling – reducing costs, crowds, and conflicts.

Facility Registration and Scheduling

Corrections staff can easily register visitors using an ID card reader, which reduces errors and saves time. Once registered, visitation staff can effortlessly schedule a visit for the future – taking into account scheduling policies, quotas, restrictions, and visitation schedules.

Public Web-Based Registration and Scheduling

The multilingual public web scheduling interface allows you to offer online visitor registration and scheduling. Visitor information is then confirmed at the time of check-in. With this module, the public is responsible for registration and scheduling visitations – freeing up staff to perform more mission critical tasks.

Professional Web-Based Registration and Scheduling

The multilingual professional web scheduling interface allows those registered visitors you deem as a “professional” to schedule visits with an inmate. In addition, you can set up unique professional visitation polices that enable professional visitors to enter their station preferences and select visitation times appropriate to their needs.

Inmate Visitation Scheduling

The inmate scheduling feature puts the responsibility of visitation scheduling on the inmates. You can create specific visitation scheduling polices, forcing the inmate to adhere to a strict set of rules during the scheduling process. Inmates are then responsible for communicating visitation times and procedures with their visitors.

Visitor Kiosk Registration and Scheduling

Renovo’s visitor kiosk registration and scheduling is designed for those visitors that do not have access to a computer. The multilingual kiosk interface allows you to direct visitor registration and scheduling traffic to a lobby kiosk, thereby freeing up staff for visitation check-in.

Walk-In Visitation Appointments

Renovo enables visitation staff to set up visits for walk-in visitors with the same policies, quotas and restrictions as prescheduled. Not only can you set visitation durations, you can also set up start delays to allow inmates and visitors time to reach their stations.

Automated Inmate Updates and Cancellation Notices

Inmate bookings, movements, and releases are immediately propagated throughout the system, providing up-to-date visitation schedules with visibility across the facility. When an inmate’s housing unit or status changes, VisManager will automatically reschedule affected visits. If visits cannot be rescheduled, they are cancelled and visitors are notified via email and automated phone messages – eliminating the need for your visitation staff to manually notify visitors.

  • Automated notification means allocating staff resources to notifying visitors of cancelled visits is no longer necessary — VisManager does the job for you!
  • Visitors can receive an automatic email notification informing them of a cancelled upcoming visit, which protects confidentiality of visitor email addresses.
  • Visitors can also receive an automated phone notification, which protects confidentiality of visitor telephone numbers.

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