Choosing an Inmate Visitation Management System

At Renovo, we are proud to provide our customers with options that are otherwise not available in the inmate video visitation market. Our strategy of being hardware and technology-neutral has enabled VisManager to be compatible with any number of video visitation stations and technology platforms. This protects our customers from system obsolescence and reduces cost of ownership.

Consider the following factors:

  • How many installations and of what size does the company offer?
  • How often does the company introduce new software versions?
  • How-user friendly is the software?
  • Can the company demonstrate the software and its functionality?
  • Can the system adapt to changes in hardware technology?
  • Does the system support multilingual visitor scheduling?
  • How many different ways can a visit be set-up and scheduled?
  • Can the system be configured to meet your current and future policy needs?
  • Can the system communicate with standard video conferencing systems (H.323)?
  • Does the company employ in-house developers to continually develop enhanced solutions?
  • Are all the station parts non-proprietary?
  • Are all the stations parts off-the-shelf components?
  • What are the associated annual maintenance fees?
  • Can I get a competitive bid from several companies?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Does the company have referenceable customers?

Renovo Software is the world leader in
inmate visitation management solutions for the corrections industry. With over 10 years of visitation experience, over 100 corrections industry customers, and over 7,000 active video visitation stations, Renovo has the unique position of being fully invested in continuous development of the best visitation solution on the market. If there are two things our experience has taught us, they are:

  1. No two facilities’ visitation needs are the same, and
  2. Technologies and industry demands will always change

That is why our patented inmate visitation management platform, VisManager, is designed with the flexibility to allow you to set and change your own system configurations. As perhaps the only player in visitation management with solid, experienced development and support infrastructure dedicated solely to inmate visitation, we are uniquely positioned to anticipate changes in technology or facilities’ needs instead of simply reacting to them.

Any Size, Any Budget. Renovo VisManager: On-Premise Video Visitation, Internet Video Visitation, Face-to-Face Visitation, Revenue Generation, and Inmate Email.

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