Renovo Software Customers

Renovo Software has provided various markets with videoconference scheduling solutions for over a decade. Our customers are broken into two basic categories based on which platform they utilize.

Inmate Visitation Customers

Renovo Software Corrections Industry Customer Map

With over 130 correctional facilities utilizing VisManager™, Renovo Software continues to be the world leader in inmate visitation. As the only hardware-neutral solution that streamlines scheduling and automation of contact, face-to-face, on-site video and internet video visitation in a single platform, Renovo VisManager™ is the most versatile and proven visitation system on the market.

Video Conferencing Customers

Video Scheduler&trade, Renovo’s premier videoconference scheduling and automation platform, is used in many of the largest videoconferencing networks in the world – including over half of the unified statewide videoconferencing networks in the US. With applications ranging from education to telehealth, this highly flexible and interoperable system scales to networks of nearly any size.

Statewide Networks

State of Arkansas-VNet Interactive Video Network
State of Colorado
State of Hawaii-Hawaii Tele-School Network
State of Idaho – Idaho Education Network
State of Kansas-Kan-ed
State of Mississippi-MIVN
State of Missouri-MoreNet
State of Nebraska-Network Nebraska
Nevada System of Higher Ed-NevadaNet
State of North Dakota-StageNet
State of Oregon-Oregon State University
State of Wisconsin-BadgerNet
State of South Dakota-Digital Dakota Network
State of Victoria (AU)-VicTrack

Telehealth Networks

University of Arkansas Medical Sciences
Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Texas Health Resources
Tyler Health Center
+ numerous statewide networks supporting telehealth

Service Providers

Bell Canada
Pioneer Communications
Red River
Time Warner
Managed Business IT Solutions (MBITS)

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