Cisco Connected Justice

Improving Justice Delivery Through Technology

Cisco® Connected Justice™ streamlines court and corrections processes by improving collaboration and increasing safety and security. Cisco Connected Justice helps make it possible for corrections facilities to:

  • Improve staff and prisoner safety
  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Control contraband
  • Facilitate visitation
  • Address overcrowding
  • Control costs

Providing face-to-face collaboration without the time, risk, and cost of travel allows the corrections industry to meet healthcare requirements quickly and cost-effectively and provide visitation in a safe environment. Processes such as alerts, education services, appellate review, and interpreter services immediately benefit from Cisco Connected Justice solutions.

Partnership with Renovo

Cisco® Connected Justice™ and Renovo Software have partnered to integrate the industry leading inmate visitation management system into Cisco Connected Justice solutions. Renovo’s expertise in inmate video visitation is combined with Cisco’s open communications infrastructure to provide correctional facilities, courts, and other government agencies the ability to offer a wide range of services and applications.

Cisco Connected Justice