About Renovo Software

Minneapolis-based Renovo Software, Inc. has been providing cost-effective software to manage video conferencing networks for correctional facilities, colleges and universities, companies, and broadcast networks since 2003.

VisManager, Renovo’s patented visitation management solution, has helped both large and small correctional facilities cut the chaos out of their visitation centers. Its modular platform allows correctional facilities to effectively manage their visitation environment by selecting the level of scheduling and automation they desire. Beyond that, Renovo offers the most advanced revenue generation options of any solution on the market – helping facilities achieve maximum efficiency with minimal budgets.

With over 100 corrections industry customers across the US and Canada, Renovo continues to introduce next generation features and functionality.

Why Renovo?

Experience & Proven Track Record

For nearly a decade, Renovo has been anticipating and developing solutions to address the complex and continuously changing needs of the corrections market. With over 5,000 visitation stations and over 100 corrections customers, Renovo has emerged as the world leader in inmate visitation management.

Scheduling Options

Renovo offers the most scheduling options of any inmate visitation management solution on the market. Beyond just scheduling visits, Renovo allows you to import policies and offer interfaces that let visitors and/or inmates schedule visit themselves – reducing staff workload.

Configurable Policy Options

No two facilities are the same. Renovo’s inmate visitation solutions have been developed accordingly. Our software is designed so you can configure policies specifically to meet the unique needs of your facility whether large or small.

Revenue Generation Potential

Renovo’s visitation management solution provides you with the most flexible revenue generation options on the market. Our software gives you the control to decide what to charge for and when to charge for it, so you can create a revenue generation strategy appropriate for both facility and community.

Competitive Bid Options

The flexibility of Renovo’s visitation management solution allows you to select the hardware and integration partner of your choosing. Our market strategy is designed to create competitive bids while ensuring that you receive station features and a level of service that exceed your expectations.

Satisfied Customers as References

Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our growth and product development as we strive to exceed expectations in every way. Our expanding customer base is evidence of our dedication to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.